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University chapters are usually registered student groups at participating schools. They host on-campus dialogue and speaker events, collaborating with other campus groups to engage the student body.
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Chapters hold a variey of on-campus events to facilitate discussion. For example, many chapters conduct small group dialogue sessions and host notable speakers from government and academia. These events supplement the videoconferences, and chapters bring a crucial interpersonal component to participants’ Dorm Room Diplomacy experience.

Chapters also provide students with an avenue to deepen their involvement in Dorm Room Diplomacy. As an entirely student-run organization, Dorm Room Diplomacy encourages students to assume leadership roles, particularly in on-campus chapters and on the international boad. The chapter structure helps students to take ownership of their participation in DRD while also bringing the value of the videoconferences to an in-person setting.

If you are interested in starting a chapter at your univeristy or finding out more about a chapter near you, please email