The Organization

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Founded by students at the University of Pennsylvania in 2009, Dorm Room Diplomacy broadens perspectives and connects young leaders around the world. With a focus on university students in the West and Middle East, Dorm Room Diplomacy utilizes available technologies and environments to connect students directly to one another, engage them in intimate face-to-face dialogues, and start discussions that reveal individuals behind oversimplified stereotypes. Dorm Room Diplomacy implements a two-tiered programming model to pursue its mission. Through its flagship videoconferences and campus Chapters, Dorm Room Diplomacy changes the way in which opinions are shaped while presenting an unparalleled twenty-first century educational experience. Dorm Room Diplomacy is entirely student-run, encouraging students to take ownership over the dialogue process, establish campus chapters, and empower themselves and their peers. It is a non-partisan, independent 501(c)3 organization. 

In the videoconference program, Dorm Room Diplomacy pinoeers virtual relationship-building. The program lasts 8-10 weeks and is moderated by a trained facilitator. Each session within the program engages up to eight students who simultaneously participate in weekly “dinner table” discussions. A low commitment, high quality experience, the dialogues are held for only one hour each week. The ultimate objective of these sessions is to bridge gaps, forge friendships, and provide students with the opportunity to learn about unfamiliar lifestyles, cultures, and perspectives. Dorm Room Diplomacy's unique and standardized community-building curriculum helps enable the program's success. Visit the "How It Works" page to learn more about the videoconference program.