How It Works

Dorm Room Diplomacy offers a two-tiered approach to broaden perspectives and connect young leaders from around the world: virtual exchange videoconferences and campus chapters.
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Dorm Room Diplomacy's 10-week flagship virutal exchange prorgram brings together students from around the world on one screen. Held weekly for one hour, each online conference involves a trained facilitator and approximately eight students: half attending universities in the United States and half attending universities outside of the United States. To foster the openness and trust necessary to discuss sensitive issues, groups have a consistent set of participants throughout each semester.

Each session is moderated by a facilitator. Facilitators are generally graduate students with significant experience in intercultural dialogue. All facilitators are required to complete a training program, which covers strategies for encouraging active participation and fostering an environment conducive to respectful dialogue. They also receive extensive training on Dorm Room Diplomacy's community-building curriculum, a set of activities specially constructed to efficiently and effectively develop deep friendships through online interfaces. 

Participants drive the selection of discussion topics, which in the past have included issues pertaining to cultural stereotypes, current events, politics, religion, gender inequality, and more. Participants agree on a topic for the following week at the close of each session. Participants correspond with one another in between sessions and after the end of the program via videoconference, social media, email, and occasional in-person meetings. 

In the past, students have described the videoconferences as “the defining moment of my college experience” and “something that I hope everyone has the opportunity to do.” 

If you would like to enroll in a 10-week group, please complete this Interest Form. 



Dorm Room Diplomacy Foundations is a pilot program that the organization is unveiling this spring semester. Foundations are weekly, two-hour virtual seminars covering a specific topic, running over the course of three weeks. Like the flagship 10-week sessions, groups consist of eight participants from universities in the West and Middle East. However, Foundations provide participants with the opportunity to dive deeply into a specific topic area with peers and a trained expert on the topic, who will serve as the session's facilitator. 

If you are interested receiving more information or in joining as a student, please fill out our online form:

Student Participant Form



Our chapters aim to augment the videoconference experience by hosting on-campus events and collaborating with other campus resources to engage the student body and university community.

Chapters tend to be registered student groups with their university (where applicable), and they operate independently of Dorm Room Diplomacy’s videoconferences. Holding a variety of events to foster on-campus dialogue, many chapters plan small group discussions sessions and host notable speakers from government and academia.

Chapters also provide students with opportunities to deepen their involvement in Dorm Room Diplomacy. As a student-run organization, DRD encourages students to assume leadership roles on both a campus-level and with the international board.

If you are interested in starting a chapter at your university or finding out more information about a chapter near you, please contact adam@dormroomdiplomacy.org.