• WhoWeAre 2

    We are Dorm Room Diplomacy

    Dorm Room Diplomacy uses online technology to foster mutual understanding between university students in the West and Middle East. We believe that overcoming stereotypes and promoting intercultural understanding play an important role in addressing the issues surrounding the complicated relationship between these regions.

  • OurStudents

    Dialogue shapes perspectives

    As a coalition of university students from around the world, Dorm Room Diplomacy participants recognize the value of direct communication. We are committed to the idea that unfiltered dialogue can shape perspectives and that these perspectives are enriched by the personal experiences and viewpoints of our peers. Join us: sign up as a participant, become a facilitator, or start a chapter.

  • HowWeWork 2

    Dialogue & Technology

    Dorm Room Diplomacy fuses face-to-face dialogue with modern technology to create conversations that transcend borders. Through our weekly online videoconferences, students discuss a range of political, cultural, and personal topics with peers from around the world.

About us

Dorm Room Diplomacy uses twenty-first century virtual exchanges to connect university students around the world. With a focus on dialogue between the West and the Middle East, Dorm Room Diplomacy is based on the belief that dialogue can humanize cultures, helping students to see the individuals behind reductionist cultural stereotypes. Read more...